Behind the shot: Foggy - Mathias Joschika

Mathias Joschika

Behind the shot: Foggy

In this series I try to show you how I took some of my pictures in my portfolio. You will get to know the gear and settings I used, as well as a little back story of how and why the image was created.

Enough introduction - let's get it on!

Body: Sony a7ii

Shutter Speed: 1/125
Lens: Sony 75-300 4.5-5.6 + LA-EA3

Aperture: 20
Flash: None
Focal Length: 160mm
Filter: None

Scenes like this are the reason why I love landscape photography.

After days of sitting in the fog I finally found the time go get out and up the mountains. I hoped for an image like this so I packed my only telephoto lens I have - a cheap Sony SAL 75-300 4.5-5.6 with an LA-EA3 adapter.

When I arrived at the top I was greeted with a view you would call: WHITE! Oh how I loved the fog in that moment... Hiking up and getting exactly the view you DO NOT want.

But I was lucky. The fog and the view were exchanging their place every minute.
Just for your imagination: I couldn't create a panorama because after one or two images I had to wait for the fog to dissolve again. And even then, the exposure changed dramatically.

So I set up my tripod and pointed my camera roughly in the direction where I knew the valley would be. That is definitely not so easy when all you see is white! After a couple minutes the fog cleared enough for me to frame the shot and get my composition right.

I shot a couple of images in rapid succession because I wasn't sure if the fog would clear again. Unfortunately, my fears were right and I left back home again.

Nonetheless I got the shot I wanted and it is currently sitting as a 60x40cm print in its black frame.